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  1. Dad

    I am a rower ❤️

  2. Katryn Adams

    I love the honesty.

  3. Kelley Hall

    Amen! I am literally rowing away from the mindset that I had. I’m no longer anxious. I’m free

  4. Kathleen Ellis

    God is so good, so faithful, when we come to Him and lay it all down, allowing Him to wash over us, fill us, renew us! Thank you for sharing! xo

  5. Kerri Mrozinski

    Amen, He is so faithful!

  6. Kerri Mrozinski

    Thanks so much, friend!

  7. Kerri Mrozinski

    All glory to God!

  8. Ava

    So so good!

    1. simplykerri13

      All glory to God. So glad it ministered to you. It’s still ministering to me 😝😂

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  10. kelleyhallmusic

    This was so so good and relatable to a certain degree!! Our stories are very different but the feelings of sometimes wanting to go out or desiring companionship. I’m also absolutely loving this sweet spot of just me and my daddy God and raising teens who are heading into their older teen years soon. Thanks for being transparent and I pray that he gives you the desires of your heart and continues to bless this season.

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  13. Patricia

    I love your strength that you’ve found.

  14. Cnote

    Well said Mama! Dont give up on’re time will come..when it does it’ll be meant for you and it will last. xoxo

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